Look back at the exhibitions associated with the Gwillim Project.

Painting Madras 1801-1808: Impressions of Elizabeth and Mary Symonds
Dakshina Chitra Museum
March 5-30, 2022

The Dakshina Chitra Museum hosted an exhibition of reproductions of the Gwillim paintings paired with contemporary photographs taken by Rekha Vijayashankar.

The “Painting Madras, 1801-1808” exhibition was met with much acclaim and a festive opening night. The exhibition showed the Gwillim and Symonds paintings in the Kadambari Gallery, also including original paintings as well as photographs of the city today.

Rekha Vijayashankar

A Different Idea of India: Two Sisters Painting South India 1801-1808
The South Asia Collection
June 11 to December 3, 2022

The South Asia Collection holds the Madras Album which consists of 78 watercolours largely painted by Mary Symonds. In 2022, the museum displayed these watercolours for the very first time.

Museum Collection | Birds
Aga Khan Museum
June 20 to November 2022

As part of the rotating display of its permanent collection, the Aga Khan Museum’s Birds exhibit showcased different pieces depicting the numerous roles birds play in the Muslim world. The museum paired five of Elizabeth Gwillim’s bird paintings alongside four from its permanent collection.

AKM213, Congregation of Birds, © The Aga Khan Museum

Exhibit | The Elizabeth Gwillim Collection
McGill University
McLennan Library Building main floor, bridge connecting McLennan to Redpath
July 14 to August 30, 2022

A selection of large, digitized images of Elizabeth Gwillim’s paintings were displayed on the connecting bridge between the McLennan-Redpath complex at McGill University during the summer of 2022. The exhibit featured a variety of Elizabeth’s bird paintings.