Case Studies

Madras Album, The South Asia Collection, PIC106.52

This section of the website explores and provides details on the world of the Gwillims through various case studies done by members of the Gwillim Project’s network.

For instance, Myles Browne situates the Gwillim’s residence within nineteenth-century Madras, examining contemporary maps, and mapping the locations mentioned by Elizabeth Gwillim and Mary Symonds. Anna Winterbottom brings the Gwillim sisters into the larger political landscape, showing how we can learn about instances of colonial resistance through their letters. Victoria Dickenson examines their letters to discover what the Gwillims read while in Madras, while Professor David Dean Shulman provides information on Elizabeth’s translation of a sthala-purāņa. Akash Muralidharan explores what the sisters’ letters can show us about nineteenth-century cooking and kitchens. Victoria Dickenson reveals the Gwillim’s Wedgwood china pattern. Lastly, Hana Nikčević explores the sisters’ letters to reveal their glove preference in Madras.

Domestic Offices Madras, Madras Album, The South Asia Collection, PIC106.20